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Kichler 300W Pro Multi-Tap Transformer
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Product Name Model Price  
1 1/2" Insert 45 degree coupler417-015$1.69 
1 1/2" Male Insert Adapter 5/pk143-015 - Pkg 5$6.95 
1 1/2" PVC Compression Repair Coupling110-15$5.93 
1 1/2" PVC Coupler429-015$0.74 
1 1/2" PVC ELL slip fitting406-015$1.09 
1 1/2" PVC Expansion Repair Coupler$11.95 
1 1/2" PVC Male Adapter436-015$1.02 
1 1/2" PVC Tee401-015$1.49 
1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Combination Tee1402-015$4.39 
1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1" Combination Tee1402-211$4.39 
1 1/2" x 1 1/4" Barb Reducing Adapter 5/pk1436-212 5/pk$15.00 
1 1/2" x 1" Barb Reducing Adapter 5/pk1436-211 5/pk$13.75 
1 1/4" Female Adapter - Pkg 51435-012-PKG/5$19.75 
1 1/4" Insert 45 degree coupler417-012$1.39 
1 1/4" Insert Ell$1.39 
1 1/4" Male Insert Adapter 5/pk1436-012 - Pkg 5$6.50 
1 1/4" Poly Coupler$1.39 
1 1/4" PVC Compression Repair Coupling110-12$5.74 
1 1/4" PVC Coupler429-012$0.63 
1 1/4" PVC ELL slip fitting406-012$1.09 
1 1/4" PVC Male Adapter436-012$0.75 
1 1/4" PVC Tee401-012$1.29 
1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 1" Combination Tee1402-131$1.89 
1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 1" Combination Tee1402-131$1.89 
1 1/4" x 1" Barb Reducing Adapter 5/pk1436-131 5/pk$10.95 
1 Gallon Fertilizer InjectoriEZ1gup$179.00 
1" Female Adapter - Pkg 51435-010 - Pkg 5$17.50 
1" Insert 45 degree coupler417-010$0.98 
1" Insert Ell$1.25 
1" Insert x 1/2" FPT ELL$1.39 
1" Insert x 3/4" FPT ELL$1.39 
1" Male Insert Adapters - 5/pk1436-010 - Pkg 5$4.95 
1" Poly Coupler$1.19 
1" PVC Compression Repair Coupling110-10$3.73 
1" PVC Coupler429-010$0.43 
1" PVC ELL slip fitting406-010$0.59 
1" PVC Expansion Repair Coupler$8.49 
1" PVC Male Adapter436-010$0.62 
1" PVC Tee401-010$0.87 
1" x 1" x 1/2" Combination Tee1402-130$1.69 
1" x 1" x 3/4" Combination Tee1402-131$1.69 
1" x 3/4" Barb Reducing Adapter 5/pk1436-131$13.95 
1/2" ELL for Funny Pipe (BarbxBarb)SBELL$0.39 
1/2" PVC Expansion Repair Coupler$6.39 
10" Round Box with Lid10" Round Bo$25.99 
1141 18W Bayonet Base 12V Bulb 10pk1141-10pk$19.95 
1142 18W Bayonet Base 12V Bulb 10pk1142-10pk$19.95 
1156 24W Bayonet Base 12V Bulb 10pk1156-10pk$19.95 
1157 25W Bayonet Base 12V Bulb 10pk1157-10pk$19.95 
12" Standard Box with Lid12" Standard$42.99 
1800 Spray head Retro-Fit Kit$17.60 
2" Brass Foot ValveSB457$145.00 
2" Insert 45 degree coupler417-020$2.19 
2" PVC Compression Repair Coupling110-20$7.70 
2" PVC Coupler429-020$1.09 
2" PVC ELL slip fitting406-020$1.89 
2" PVC Foot ValveFF-2"PVC Check$45.95 
2" PVC Male Adapter436-020$3.46 
2" PVC Tee401-020$2.39 
2" x 1 1/2" Barb Reducing Adapter 5pk1436-251 5pk$18.00 
2" x 1" Barb Reducing Adapter 5pk1436-251 5pk$17.00 
2150 Cylinder Hanging LightHT2150-CSN$90.90 
2151 Adjustable Copper LightDL2151-CSN$164.99 
2152 Petal Hanging LightHT2152-CSN$109.80 
2153 Petal Hanging LightHT2153-CSN$109.80 
2hp PSR-22PSR22$69.00 
3 Station ModuleESP SM3$49.00 
3/4" Combination Tee1402-007$1.69 
3/4" ELL for Funny Pipe (BarbxMPT)SBE075$0.39 
3/4" Female Adapter - Pkg 51435-007-Pkg 5$15.75 
3/4" Insert 45 degree coupler417-007$0.88 
3/4" Insert Ell$1.25 
3/4" Insert x 1/2" FPT ELL$1.39 
3/4" Male AdapterTL075MA$0.59 
3/4" Male Insert Adapter 5/pk1436-007 5/pk$3.95 
3/4" Poly Coupler$1.19 
3/4" PVC Compression Repair Coupling110-07$2.88 
3/4" PVC Coupler429-007$0.29 
3/4" PVC ELL slip fitting406-007$0.39 
3/4" PVC Expansion Repair Coupler$6.95 
3/4" PVC Male Adapter436-007$0.34 
3/4" PVC Tee401-007$0.41 
3155/3156 12V Bulb3155/3156$2.95 
4242 Small Step LightSL4242$56.25 
4243 Oval Step LightSL4243$67.30 
4245 Window Brick LightSL4245$86.95 
4246 Louver Brick LightSL4246$86.95 
4250 Bell Step LightSL4250$67.69 
4260 10W Retaining Wall LightSL4260$78.85 
4260M Rail and Brick LightSL4260M$97.69 
4261 Rail and Brick LightSL4261$105.25 
4261M Rail and Brick LightSL4261M$130.50 
4263 Rail and Brick LightSL4263$210.75 
5004 Adjustable Rotor5004pc$10.99 
5004 Full-Circle Rotor5004fc$10.99 
5006 Adjustable Rotor5006pc$16.00 
5006 Full-Circle Rotor5006fc$16.00 
5220 Composite Step Light w/ LouverSL5220$125.95 
5221 Composite Step Light w/ ShroudSL5221$125.95 
5222 Composite Round LightSL5222$125.95 
5223 Composite Eyelid Round LightSL5223$125.95 
5230 Step Light w/ LouverSL5230$125.95 
5231 Step Light w/ ShroudSL5231$125.95 
5232 Step LightSL5232$125.95 
5233 Eyelid Step LightSL5233$125.95 
563 T3 Rigid Loop Bulb563ea$2.59 
563 T3 Rigid Loop Bulb 10pk563$3.95 
5hp PSR-52PSR52$119.95 
5hp PSR-53PSR53$219.95 
5W Xenon Ultra Festoon BulbFestoon Xenon$4.59 
6 Station ModuleESP SM6$74.00 
6" Flare Box with Lid6" Flare box$22.99 
6" Round Econo Boxeconobox$7.49 
7005 Adustable with Stainless Riser7005PC-SS$51.57 
720A - 1"720A-1$88.05 
720A - 1.5"720A - 1.5"$289.33 
720A - 2"720A - 2"$299.00 
720A - 3/4"720A - 3/4"$81.80 
765 - 1"765 - 1"$92.85 
765 - 1.25"765 - 1.25"$275.85 
765 - 1.5"765 - 1.5"$292.59 
765 - 2"765 - 2"$329.25 
765 - 3/4"$79.00 
906 7W Wedge Base 12V Bulb 10pk906-10pk$8.95 
912 Wedge Base 12V Bulb 10pk912-10pk$8.95 
918 7W Wedge Base 12V Bulb 10pk918-10pk$8.95 
921 18W Wedge Base 12V Bulb 10pk921-10pk$8.95 
ACC Decoder Controller With Pedestal BaseACC99-D-PP$2,475.00 
ACC Extreme Duty 12-42 Valve ControllerACC1200M$1,050.00 
ACC Extreme Duty 12-42 Valve Controller w/ Pedestal BaseACC1200PP$1,850.00 
ACC Extreme Duty 12-42 Valve SS ControllerACC1200SS$1,350.00 
ACC Extreme Duty 2-Wire Decoder ControllerACC99D$1,350.00 
ACC Extreme Duty 2-Wire Decoder SS ControllerACC99D-SS$1,550.00 
Air Releif ValveTLAVRV$7.49 
Algae Queen FilterAQ$239.00 
All Purpose Lawn & Garden Fertilizer231310/25$179.00 
Ball Valve Slip Coupling ConnectorsEZFLO_BVC$26.95 
Bell Hanging LightHT7213-xx$91.50 
Big Foot TR2 Filter CradleTR2$299.00 
BigFoot 40G Lake Pump Filter40G$189.00 
BigFoot 80G Lake Pump Filter80G$299.00 
Brass Winterizing TeeCast Reducing Tee$11.95 
Combination TeeTL075FTEE$0.95 
Cone Hanging LightHT4216-xx$91.50 
Copper Hand Formed Deck LightGADL1$105.00 
Coupler for Funny Pipe (BarbxBarb)SB-coup$0.39 
Cylinder Hanging LightHT2238-xx$75.50 
Dawn Saddle Coring Toolcoring_tool$14.99 
Dawn Saddle-1" x 1/2" FPTC100$2.49 
Dawn Saddle-1" x 1/2" FPT (Bag/10)C100/10$23.95 
Dawn Saddle-1" x 3/4" FPTD100$2.49 
Dawn Saddle-1" x 3/4" FPT (Bag/10)D100/10$23.95 
Deck Rail BBQ Grill LightK15123 BK$179.00 
Dripper Micro Tubing AdapterTLMTUBEADAPT$0.19 
Dripper Plug RingTDLPLUG$0.19 
Dual Manifold Tee310-010-2$14.50 
EMT-6-X Six-Outlet Distribution Manifold$3.39 
End Strip Nozzle - Leftlcs515$2.30 
End Strip Nozzle - Rightrcs515$2.30 
ESP-LXM-SM12 Twelve Valve ModuleESP-LXM-SM12$189.00 
ESP-LXM-SM4 Four Valve ModuleESPLXMSM4$59.00 
ESP-LXM-SM8 Eight Valve ModuleESPLXMSM8$89.00 
ESP-LXME Modular 8-48 Valve ControllerESP-LXME-8$349.00 
ESP-SMT4i Indoor Smart Controller w/ Rain SensorESP-SMT4i$179.00 
ESP-SMTe Outdoor Smart Controller w/ Rain SensorESP-SMT4$199.00 
Extreme Duty ACC 6 Valve Module w/ Lighting ProtectionAGM600$240.00 
EZ Flo Garden Hose InjectorHose/Drip$69.95 
EZ001 - 1.5 Gallon InjectorEZ001$259.00 
EZ003 - 2 1/2 Gallon InjectorEZ003CX$379.00 
EZ005 - 4.25 Gallon InjectorEZ005$659.00 
Figure 8 Line EndTLFIG8$0.19 
Flexible Funny Pipe 100'$24.50 
Flexible Swing Joint 1/2" x 12"SA125050$1.89 
Flexible Swing Joint 3/4" x 12"SA127575$2.09 
Fluted Cone Hanging LightHT9240-xx$118.00 
FX CA Dimmable LED PathlightCA-LEDTA-A-ZD-15RA-CU$289.00 
FX CB Dimmable LED PathlightCB-LEDTA-A-ZD-15RA-CU$289.00 
FX CV Dimmable LED PathlightCV-LEDTA-A-ZD-15RA-CU$289.00 
FX DM Dimmable LED PathlightDM-LEDTA-A-ZD-15RA-CU$289.00 
FX JS Dimmable LED PathlightJS-LEDTA-A-ZD-15RA-CU$289.00 
FX QF Dimmable LED PathlightQF-LEDTA-A-ZD-15RA-CU$289.00 
GADL4-AC Hand-Crafted Copper Post Top LightGADL4-AC$189.00 
Hadco Natural Copper Down LightGACL1-AC$179.00 
Hadco Solid Copper Bell$95.00 
Hadco Up/Down Natural Copper LightGACL2-AC$189.00 
Hanging Plant Basket Cone LightPHT4216-xx$110.70 
Hanging Plant Basket Petals LightPHT6510-xx$125.10 
High Pressure Cap - Current StyleCAP-HPC-New Style$86.00 
High Pressure Cap - Old StyleCAPHPF-Prior 2004$86.00 
HosEnclose In-Ground Hose StorageHosEnclose$395.00 
HP 1200 Drain for PVC PipeHP 1200$4.30 
HP 1300 Drain for PVC PipeHP 1300$4.30 
HP 1400 Drain for PVC PipeHP 1400$4.30 
HP1500 End of Line Drain for Poly PipeHP1500$4.30 
HP1600 End of Line Drain for Poly PipeHP1600$4.30 
HP1700 End of Line Drain for Poly PipeHP1700$4.30 
HP2000 Lateral Line DrainHP2000$3.00 
HP4000 Main Line DrainHP4000$3.40 
Hunter 1" PGV Jar Top Valve (FPT)PGV-100-JT$21.00 
Hunter 1" PGV Jar Top Valve (Glue)PGV100-JT-GS$21.00 
Hunter 1" PGV Valve (FPT)PGV100-G$20.00 
Hunter 1" PGV Valve (FPT) w/ FCPGV101-G$21.00 
Hunter 1" PGV Valve (MXB)PGV100-MB$24.00 
Hunter 1" PGV Valve (MXB) w/ FCPGV101-MB$26.00 
Hunter 1" PVG Jar Top Valve (MXB)PGV100-JT-MB$21.00 
Hunter 1" PVG Jar Top Valve (MXB) w/FCPGV101-JT-MB$23.00 
Hunter 1" PVG Jar Top Valve (MXM)PGV100-JT-MM$22.00 
Hunter 1" PVG Jar Top Valve (MXM) w/FCPGV101-JT-MM$23.00 
Hunter 1" PVG Jar Top Valve w/ FC (FPT)PGV101-JT$24.00 
Hunter 1" PVG Jar Top Valve w/ FC (GLUE)PGV101-JT-GS$24.00 
Hunter Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 10' Radius10A$1.16 
Hunter Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 12' Radius12A$1.16 
Hunter Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 15' Radius15A$1.16 
Hunter Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 17' Radius17A$1.16 
Hunter Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 7' Radius7A$1.16 
Hunter Adjusting Tool 2/packHATL$3.99 
Hunter ASV 1" Anti-Siphon ValvePGV100-ASV$25.00 
Hunter ASV 3/4" Anti-Siphon ValvePGV-075-ASV$24.00 
Hunter DC Latching Valve Solenoid458200 DC Latching$25.00 
Hunter Flow-Clik$229.00 
Hunter ICD-100 Single Station DecoderICD-100$109.00 
Hunter ICD-200 Two Station DecoderICD-200$169.00 
Hunter ICD-400 Four Station DecoderICD-400$229.00 
Hunter ICD-600 Six Station DecoderICD-600$379.00 
Hunter ICD-HP Decoder Programing ToolICD_HP$695.00 
Hunter ICD-SEN Two Input Sensor DecoderICD-SEN$349.00 
Hunter Indoor Transformer for ProC , XC, SRC526500$29.95 
Hunter Mini-Clik Rain Sensorminiclik$29.49 
Hunter MP 1000 Mini-Rotor1000$6.95 
Hunter MP 2000 Mini-Rotor$6.95 
Hunter MP 3000 Mini-Rotor$6.95 
Hunter MPcorner Sprinkler$7.95 
Hunter MProtater Strip Sprinkler$7.95 
Hunter NODE Solar PanelSPNODE$129.00 
Hunter PGJ-00 ShrubPGJ-00$8.95 
Hunter PGJ-04 (5-Pack) RotorsPGJ-04/5pack$43.95 
Hunter PGJ-04 RotorPGJ-04$9.89 
Hunter PGJ-06 SprinklerPGJ-06$14.30 
Hunter PGS Shrub Staking KitPGS-463551$4.50 
Hunter PGV151PGV151$90.00 
Hunter PGV201 Sprinkler ValvePGV201$115.00 
Hunter Pro Spray Shrub AdapterPROS-00$1.25 
Hunter PRO-HC 1200 Outdoor Wi-Fi ControllerPRO-HC PHC-1200$239.95 
Hunter PRO-HC 1200i Indoor Wi-Fi ControllerPRO-HC PHC-1200i$219.95 
Hunter PRO-HC 2400 Outdoor Wi-Fi ControllerPRO-HC PHC-2400$414.95 
Hunter PRO-HC 2400i Indoor Wi-Fi ControllerPRO-HC PHC-2400i$400.95 
Hunter PRO-HC 600 Outdoor Wi-Fi ControllerPRO-HC PHC-600$185.00 
Hunter PRO-HC 600i Indoor Wi-Fi ControllerPRO-HC PHC-600i$174.95 
Hunter ProC Controller - IndoorPC400i$115.00 
Hunter ProC Controller - OutdoorPC400$139.00 
Hunter PSR Pro Spray Shrub AdapterPROS-00-PRS40$3.00 
Hunter Rain-Clikrainclik$29.95 
Hunter Solar PanelSPXCH$125.00 
Hunter Transformer for Outdoor ProC , XC, SRC468000$25.95 
Hunter Universal Valve SolenoidHunter Sol$12.50 
Hunter Wireless Rain-Clikwirelessrain$68.95 
Hunter XC Hybrid 12 Valve ControllerXCH1200PL$169.00 
Hunter XC Hybrid 12 Valve SS ControllerXCH1200SS$389.00 
Hunter XC Hybrid 4 Valve ControllerXCH400PL$119.00 
Hunter XC Hybrid 6 Valve ControllerXCH600PL$129.00 
Hunter XC Hybrid 6 Valve SS ControllerXCH600SS$289.00 
Hunter XC Hybrid 8 Valve ControllerXCH800PL$149.00 
Hydrawise Face Panel Upgrade for Pro-C TimersHPC-FP$139.95 
I-20 6" Adjustable SS SprinklerI20-6ADS$44.25 
I-20 ADS Adjustable SS SprinklerI20ADS$34.25 
I-20 ADS Case/20I20ADS/case/$339.00 
I-20 ADV Adjustable SprinklerI-20 ADV$15.79 - $27.50 
I-20 ADV Adjustable Sprinkler (5-Pack)I-20 ADV/5pa$73.25 - $89.95 
I-20 ADV Case/20I-20 ADV/Cas$265.00 
I-20-6" Adjustable SprinklerI-20-6P ADV$15.79 - $34.50 
I-20-HP 12" Adjustable SprinklerI-20-12HP ADV$43.50 
I-25 ADS - StainlessI-25 ADS$49.95 
I-25 ADS - Stainless Case/10I-25 ADS/CAs$399.00 
I-25 ADVI-25 ADV$39.95 
I-25 ADV Case/10I-25 ADV/Case10$389.00 
I-25 ADV Case/10I-25 ADV/Cas$319.00 
I-40 Ultra Triple NozzleI40-04-SS$87.98 
I-Core 6 Station Modular ControllerIC-600PL$399.00 
I-Core DUAL 1 Station DecoderDUAL 1$79.00 
I-Core DUAL 2 Station DecoderDUAL 2$129.95 
I-Core DUAL 48M Decoder ModuleDUAL 48M$279.00 
I-Core DUAL Surge Suppression ModuleDUAL S$45.00 
ICM-600 I-Core 6 Station ModuleICM-600$79.95 
ICM400 ModuleICM400$37.95 
Insert CouplerTLCOUP$0.32 
Insert TeeTLTEE$0.49 
Insert Tee - 1"1401-010$1.17 
Insert Tee for Funny PipeSBTEE$0.74 
Intermatic 88W TransformerTR88$65.00 
Irritrol Battery Operated ControllerIBOC 300$144.00 
Irritrol Pump or Lighting RelaySR1$59.95 
Irritrol RD1200-EXTRD1200-EXT$259.95 
Irritrol RD1200-INTRD1200-INT$229.95 
Irritrol RD600-EXTRD600-EXT$139.95 
Irritrol RD600-INTRD600-INT$119.95 
Irritrol RD900-EXTRD900-EXT$209.95 
Irritrol RD900-INTRD900-INT$199.95 
Irritrol Remote Control ProgrammerRCP8 - PLUS$189.00 
Irritrol SD1200-EXTSD1200-EXT$330.00 
Irritrol SD1200-INTSD1200-INT$300.00 
Irritrol SD2400-EXTSD2400-EXT$660.00 
Irritrol SD600-EXTSD600-EXT$265.00 
Irritrol SD600-INTSD600-INT$233.50 
Irritrol SD900-EXTSD900-EXT$295.00 
Irritrol SD900-INTSD900-INT$269.00 
Kichler 1200W Pro Multi-Tap Transformer15PR1200SS$859.00 
Kichler 15191 Pond LightK15191B$110.00 
Kichler 300W Pro Multi-Tap Transformer15PR300SS$310.00 
Kichler 35W Flood LightK15396$95.00 
Kichler 35W Mini Up Light15384$69.00 
Kichler 600W Pro Multi-Tap Transformer15PR600SS$469.00 
Kichler 75W Flood LightK15381$79.00 
Kichler 900W Pro Multi-Tap Transformer15PR900SS$659.00 
Kichler Plus Multi-Tap Transformer15PL300AZT$310.00 
Kleen Flo Basket FilterKF100$119.00 
Kleen Flo Replacement ScreenKF101$25.99 
Kwik-Cut Tubing Cutterkwikcut$17.49 
Large Aurora Hanging Copper Garden LightA4-6$119.00 
Large Copper Hanging Garden LightC7-10$239.00 
Large Petals Hanging LightHT6512-xx$106.00 
Long Handle Crimpershcrimper$34.00 
Long Handle Oeitiker Clamp CrimperLHcrimper$34.00 
Low Angle Grey Nozzle Set for PGP SprinklersPGP Nozzle Tree - Grey$2.60 
Maintaining a Hunter Sprinkler System Videovideo$24.99 
Manifold Cap348-010$1.95 
Manifold ELL - 1"MPT306-009$6.25 
Manifold ELL - 1"Swivel306-010$6.75 
Manifold Tee310-010$9.89 
Medium Aurora Hanging Copper Garden LightA4-6$109.00 
MR11 Halogen 2000hr BulbMR11 HALOGEN$21.69 
MR16 Halogen 5000hr BulbMR16 HALOGEN$8.00 
MR16 LED Landscape BulbMR16-MX3-LED$23.00 
MR8 Halogen 2000hr BulbMR8 HALOGEN$20.59 
Multimatic 1140W Transformer1120SS$899.00 
Multimatic 360W Transformer360SS$339.00 
Multimatic 500W Transformer500SS$389.00 
Multimatic 600W Transformer600SS$519.00 
Multimatic 840W Transformer840SS$539.00 
Netafim Control Zone KitLVCZ-10075$55.00 
Netafim TechLine: 250' Dripper LineTLDL12-9-250$98.50 
Nickel Plated BBQ Grill LightFL4016-N$225.00 
Nickel Plated BBQ Grill LightFL4017-N$225.00 
NODE 100 Single Valve ControllerNODE100$99.00 
NODE 100 Single Valve Controller w/ SVC ValveNODE100VALVE$139.00 
NODE 200 Two Valve ControllerNODE200$179.00 
NODE 400 Four Valve ControllerNODE400$199.00 
NODE 600 Six Valve ControllerNODE600$229.00 
Oeitiker Clamp 1" - 100/Bag331r-1$17.00 
Oeitiker Clamp 1" - Individually331r-1$0.22 
Oeitiker Clamp 3/4" - 100/Bagoetiker-3/4"$17.00 
Oeitiker Clamp 3/4" - Individuallyoetiker3/4"-$0.22 
Operation Indicator Set10-F-01$4.95 
Optional Blue Nozzle Set for PGP SprinklersPGP Nozzle Tree - Blue$2.60 
Painted BBQ Grill LightFL4014$170.00 
Painted BBQ Grill LightFL4015$170.00 
Par 36 Halogen Landscape BulbPAR36 Halogen$15.95 
Par 36 Incandescent Landscape BulbPAR36$14.00 
PC12 INDOOR 12 Station Add-On ModulePC-12-INT-MOD$189.95 
PC12 INDOOR Computerized ControllerPC-12-INT-PAK$319.95 
PCM300 ModulePCM300$39.50 
PCM900 ModulePCM900$129.00 
PGJ-04 Case/25PGJ-04/case$249.00 
PGJ-12 Pop-up SprinklerPGJ-12$23.95 
PGP-04-ADJ/2 CASE (40)PGP-04-ADJ/c$420.00 
PGP-04-ADJ/3 CASES (60)PGP-04-ADJ/6$615.00 
PGP-04-ADJ/6 CASES (120)PGP-04-ADJ/1$1,162.80 
Phosphate Free Turf Special30-0-0/25$79.00 
Photocell Kit for LX TransformerLXPCKIT$24.00 
Premium Nutrition Supplement 1 GallonBio-Stim/Gal$69.95 
Premium Nutrition Supplement 16 oz.Bio-Stim/16$11.95 
Premium Nutrition Supplement-32 oz.Bio-Stim/32$19.95 
Pro Spray 12" with check valvepros12-cv$11.02 
Pro Spray 4"pros04$1.98 
Pro Spray 4" with check valvepros04-cv$3.40 
Pro Spray 6"pros06$6.24 
Pro Spray 6" with check valvepros06$8.51 
Pro Spray PSR for MPR RotatorPROS-04-PRS40$6.59 
Pro-Spray 12" Popup SprinkerPROS12$9.59 
ProC Conventional ControllerPCC$129.00 
ProC Smart Controller PackagePCC_SYNC-PKG$279.00 
PS Spray - 10' Radiusps04-10$2.75 
PS Spray - 12' Radiusps04-12$2.75 
PS Spray - 15' Radiusps04-15$2.75 
PS Spray - 17' Radiusps04-17$2.75 
PS Spray - 5'x30' Sidestripps04-ss$2.75 
PVC Combination Tee 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 1" FPT402-168$2.59 
PVC Combination Tee 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 3/4" FPT402-167$2.59 
PVC Combination Tee 1"402-010$1.39 
PVC Combination Tee 1" x 1" x 1/2" FPT402-130$0.97 
PVC Combination Tee 1" x 1" x 3/4" FPT402-131$1.46 
PVC Combination Tee 2" x 2" x 1 1/2" FPT402-251$3.79 
PVC Combination Tee 2" x 2" x 1" FPT402-249$3.79 
PVC Combination Tee 2" x 2" x 2" FPT402-020$3.79 
PVC Combination Tee 3/4"402-007$0.79 
PVC Combination Tee 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/2" FPT402-010$0.69 
Quad Manifold Tee310-010-4$27.95 
Rainbird 100PEB Sprinkler Valve100-PEB$99.00 
Rainbird 150PEB Sprinkler ValvePEB150$135.00 
Rainbird 1802 Sprinkler1802$2.59 
Rainbird 1803 Sprinkler1803$2.59 
Rainbird 1804 Sprinkler1804$1.84 
Rainbird 1806 Sprinkler1806$6.75 
Rainbird 1812 Sprinkler1812$8.75 
Rainbird 200PEB Sprinkler ValvePEB200$190.00 
Rainbird Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 10' Radiusvan10$1.39 
Rainbird Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 12' Radiusvan12$1.39 
Rainbird Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 15' Radiusvan15$1.39 
Rainbird Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 18' Radiusvan18$1.39 
Rainbird Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 4' Radiusvan4$1.39 
Rainbird Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 6' Radiusvan6$1.39 
Rainbird Adjustable Arc Nozzles - 8' Radiusvan8$1.39 
Rainbird ASVF075 Anti-Siphon Sprinkler ValveASVF075$26.00 
Rainbird ASVF100 Anti-Siphon Sprinkler ValveASVF100$28.50 
Rainbird DV075 Sprinkler ValveDV075$21.50 
Rainbird DV100 Angle Sprinkler Valve100DV-A$21.50 
Rainbird DV100 Sprinkler ValveDV100$21.50 
Rainbird DV100-MB Sprinkler ValveDV100-MB$22.50 
Rainbird DV100-SS Sprinkler ValveDV100-SS$20.50 
Rainbird DVF100 Angle Sprinkler Valve100DVF-A$22.50 
Rainbird DVF100 Sprinkler Valve100-DVF$22.00 
Rainbird DVF100-MB Sprinkler Valve100-DVF-MB$21.50 
Rainbird DVF100-SS Sprinkler Valve100DVF-SS$22.00 
Rainbird ESP4-Me Outdoor ControllerESP4E$140.00 
Rainbird ESP4-MEi 4-22 Valve Indoor ControllerESP4Ei$115.00 
Rainbird Replacement Valve Diaphram KitRB 21074603$11.50 
Rainbird Replacement Valve SolenoidRB Standard Solenoid$12.50 
Rainbird Replacement Valve SolenoidRB 209532-02$28.50 
Rainbird RSD - Rain Sensing DeviceRSD(RB)$23.95 
Rainbird SM3 ModuleSM3$59.00 
Rainbird SM6 ModuleSM6$79.00 
Rainbird Wireless Rain Freeze SensorWR2-RFC$79.00 
Rainbird Wireless Rain SensorWR2-RC$85.00 
Reducing Coupler 1" Barb x 3/8" Funny Pipe Barb 5pk1429-129 5pk$6.25 
Reducing Coupler 3/4" Barb x 3/8" Funny Pipe Barb 5pk1429-101 5pk$6.25 
Retrofit Pressure RegulatorPRS-050$6.05 
RS1000 Wireless Rain SensorRS1000$63.49 
SarGreen Automatic Fertilizer System$899.00 
Short Handle Crimpershcrimper$24.00 
Short Handle Oeitiker Clamp Crimpershcrimper$24.00 
Shut Off ValveTLSOV$2.59 
Side Strip Nozzless530$2.30 
Slip Expansion Repair CouplersR075$24.95 
Small Aurora Hanging Copper Garden LightA4-6$99.00 
Small Copper Hanging Garden LightC5-8$199.00 
Small Petals Hanging LightHT6510-xx$106.00 
Soil Staple (Pack of 25)TLS6/25$5.95 
Stainless Steel Clamp for 1 1/2" Pipe1.5" wclmp$0.69 
Stainless Steel Clamp for 1 1/4" Pipe1.25" wclmp$0.69 
Stainless Steel Clamp for 1" Pipe1" wclmp$0.69 
Stainless Steel Clamp for 2" Pipe2" wclmp$0.69 
Stainless Steel Clamp for 3/4" Pipe3/4" wclmp$0.69 
Standard ACC 6 Valve Module w/ Surge ProtectionACM600$210.00 
Stow N' Flow Fertilizer Injector SystemP1X-ETC5G$495.00 
T-3 Tungsten Halogen BulbT-3 Halogen$3.95 
T-3 Xenon 10,000hr BulbT-3 ZENON$5.95 
T-4 Halogen 2000hr BulbT-4 HALOGEN$9.59 
TBOS-II Battery Operated ControllerTBOS-II$359.99 
TL CrossTLCROSS$0.95 
Triple Manifold Tee310-010-3$20.95 
Tulip Hanging LightHT4210-xx$92.00 
Unique F125 Composite Well LightF125$75.00 
Unique F125 Well Light - 5 PackF125-5pk$335.00 
Unique F225 Composite Well LightF225$87.00 
Unique F225 Well Light - 5 PackF225-5 Pack$399.00 
Valve Wire 18-10-250'1810250$177.63 
Valve Wire 18-12-250'1812250$206.50 
Valve Wire 18-13-250'1813250$220.50 
Valve Wire 18-2-250'182250$43.50 
Valve Wire 18-4-250'184250$76.00 
Valve Wire 18-5-250'185250$89.00 
Valve Wire 18-6-250'186250$108.75 
Valve Wire 18-7-250'187250$130.50 
Valve Wire 18-8-250'188250$145.00 
Vista 2104 Brass Spot Flood Light2104BSN$167.34 
Vista 2104 Copper Spot Flood Light2104CSN$147.58 
Vista 2104 Old Brass Spot Flood Light2104BSO$174.62 
Vista 2111 Copper Spot Light2111CSN$108.75 
Vista 2116 Copper Spot Light2116CSN$117.80 
Vista 2116 Stainless Steel Spot Light2116SS$151.11 
Vista 2120 Copper Spot Light2120CSN$110.10 
Vista 2120 Stainless Steel Spot Light2120SS$137.52 
Vista 2201 Micro BulletGR2201$67.60 
Vista 2203 Micro BulletGR2203$67.60 
Vista 2205 Mini BulletGR2205$67.60 
Vista 2207 Mini BulletGR2207$67.60 
Vista 2211 Mini BulletGR2211$70.39 
Vista 2212 Mini BulletGR2212$59.59 
Vista 2216 BulletGR2216$77.54 
Vista 2217 StakeLiteGR2217$63.30 
Vista 2218 StakeLiteGR2218$66.29 
Vista 2219 BulletGR2219$73.25 
Vista 2219 Bullet w/ Long ShroudGR2219-LS$118.15 
Vista 2219 Bullet w/ Long Shroud CompositeGR2219-LS-SP$118.15 
Vista 2220 BulletGR2220$73.25 
Vista 2220 Bullet w/ Long ShroudGR2220-LS$95.70 
Vista 2250 BulletGR2250$80.39 
Vista 2316 Brass Spot Light2316BSN$110.25 
Vista 2316 Old Brass Spot Light2316BSO$120.36 
Vista 2350 Brass Spot Light2350BSN$148.64 
Vista 2350 Old Brass Spot Light2350BSO$158.75 
Vista 2416 Composite BulletGR2416$74.35 
Vista 2516 Solid Copper Spot Light2516CSN$132.71 
Vista 3216 Composite BulletGR3216$84.69 
Vista 3217 Round Accent - No ShroudGR3217$94.39 
Vista 3218 Round Accent w/ ShroudGR3218$119.00 
Vista 3250 Composite BulletGR3250$101.90 
Vista 3260 Composite BulletGR3260$101.90 
Vista 3316 Bullet w/ Medium ShroudGR3316$95.70 
Vista 3416 Composite Bullet w/ Medium ShroudGR3416$104.25 
Vista 4011 Mini Accent Path LightML4011$149.85 
Vista 4019 Bullet Accent Path LightML4019$149.85 
Vista 4202 Path LightPR4202$94.95 
Vista 4203 Tier LightPR4203$84.95 
Vista 4206 Mushroom Path LightPR4206$94.25 
Vista 4207 Tulip Path Light w/out LeavesPR4207$96.65 
Vista 4208 Tulip Path Light w/ LeavesPR4208$101.79 
Vista 4211 Shell Path LightPR4211$81.55 
Vista 4215 Violet Path LightPR4215$87.89 
Vista 4241 Small Step LightSL4241$56.25 
Vista 4306 Small Brass Mushroom Path LightPR4306BSN$149.15 
Vista 4700 Round Path LightPR4700$71.99 
Vista 4704 Round Path LightPR4704$69.75 
Vista 5103 Mini Area LightGR5103$86.75 
Vista 5104 Mini Area LightGR5104$91.69 
Vista 5202 Spread Path LightPR5202$100.05 
Vista 5203 Composite Mini Area LightGR5203$86.75 
Vista 5204 Mini Area LightGR5204$91.69 
Vista 5212 Area LightGR5212$115.20 
Vista 5237 Round Accent w/out ShroudGR5237$88.25 
Vista 5238 Round Accent w/ ShroudGR5238$121.79 
Vista 6216 Small Path LightPR6216$67.30 
Vista 6217 Small SeaShell Path LightPR6217$94.49 
Vista 6218 SeaShell Wall LightPR6218$83.39 
Vista 6219 Lantern Path LightPR6219$78.40 
Vista 6222 [3] Tier Path LightPR6222$73.65 
Vista 6223 [4] Tier Path LightPR6223$79.30 
Vista 6500 Round Path LightPR6500$94.25 
Vista 6501 Round Path Light w/ FinialPR6501$115.29 
Vista 6502 Petals & Leaves Path LightPR6502$115.29 
Vista 6503 Petals Path LightPR6503$130.19 
Vista 6504 Petals & Leaves Path LightPR6504$115.29 
Vista 6505 Petals Path LightPR6505$130.19 
Vista 6506 Petals & Leaves Path LightPR6506$133.89 
Vista 6508 Petals & Leaves Path LightPR6508$133.89 
Vista 6515 Canvas Shade Path LightPR6515$90.05 
Vista 6517 Shade Path LightPR6517$95.99 
Vista 6520 Globe Dome Path LightPR6520$131.40 
Vista 6550 Path LightPR6550$94.49 
Vista 7206 Hex Path LightPR7206$92.69 
Vista 7210 Hex Path Light w/ Long StemPR7210$92.69 
Vista 7216 Dome Path LightPR7216$78.40 
Vista 7217 Half Round Path LightPR7217$94.49 
Vista 7218 Half Round Wall LightPR7218$83.39 
Vista 7223 [4] Tier Dome Path LightPR7223$94.95 
Vista 9202 Medium Mushroom Path LightPR9202$135.69 
Vista 9206 [2 Tier] Pagoda LightPR9206$89.35 
Vista 9207 [2 Tier] Pagoda LightPR9207$95.59 
Vista 9211 Shell Path LightPR9211$103.75 
Vista 9215 Tudor Path LightPR9215$110.05 
Vista 9216 Medium Path LightPR9216$78.40 
Vista 9217 Tall Path LightPR9217$84.75 
Vista 9218 Large SeaShell Path LightPR9218$134.55 
Vista 9219 Large Seashell Wall LightPR9219$148.19 
Vista 9222 Spread Tier LightPR9222$83.15 
Vista 9250 Hex Path LightPR9250$121.40 
Vista 9251 Hex Path Light w/ IvyPR9251$132.89 
Vista 9252 Hex Path Light w/ FernPR9252$132.89 
Vista 9260 Round Path LightPR9260$96.10 
Vista 9261 Round Path Light w/ IvyPR9261$109.05 
Vista 9262 Round Path Light w/ FernPR9262$109.05 
Vista 9265 Tudor Path LightPR9265$96.65 
Vista 9266 Tudor Path Light w/ IvyPR9266$122.10 
Vista 9267 Tudor Path Light w/ FernPR9267$122.10 
Vista 9302 Large Brass Mushroom Path LightPR9302BSN$221.35 
Vista CTS 12V TransformerCTSXXX$229.95 
Vista ES 150 TransformerES150$222.95 
Vista GW5240 Well LightGW5240$69.00 
Vista GW5242 Well Light w/ GrateGW5242$71.39 
Vista GW5250 Well LightGW5250$107.99 
Vista GW5251 Well Light w/ GrateGW5251$107.99 
Vista GW5252 Well LightGW5252$107.99 
Vista GW5260 In-ground LightGW5260$93.39 
Vista GW5261 In-ground Light w/ ShieldGW5261$93.39 
Vista GW5262 In-ground LightGW5262$93.39 
Vista GW5263 In-ground Eyelid LightGW5263$93.39 
Vista GW5270 Composite In-Ground LightGW5270$112.69 
Vista GW5271 Composite In-Ground LightGW5271$112.69 
Vista GW5272 Composite In-Ground LightGW5272$112.69 
Vista GW5273 Composite In-Ground LightGW5273$112.69 
Vista GW5274 Composite In-Ground LightGW5274$234.65 
Vista GW5280 Composite In-Ground LightGW5280$128.69 
Vista GW5281 Composite In-Ground LightGW5281$128.69 
Vista GW5282 Composite In-Ground LightGW5282$128.69 
Vista GW5284 Composite In-Ground LightGW5284$346.89 
Vista GW5285 Composite In-Ground LightGW5285$249.05 
Vista GW5286 Composite In-Ground LightGW5286$249.05 
Vista HP 12-22V TransformerHPXXX$367.95 
Vista ITT Subterranean TransformersITTXXX$451.95 
Vista MT 11-15V TransformerMTXXX$279.95 
Vista UW4217 Underwater LightUW4217B$85.05 
Vista UW5217 Underwater LightUW5217B$133.05 
Watts 1" PVB0388002P$113.99 
Watts 1" Dbl Check Valve0062306P$179.00 
Watts 1" Freeze Resistant PVB0388015P$116.99 
Watts 1" RPZ Backflow Preventor0063020P$255.60 
Watts 1.25" PVB0387126P$267.99 
Watts 1.25" RPZ Backflow Preventor0063020P$393.45 
Watts 1.5" PVB0387114P$327.99 
Watts 1.5" Dbl Check Valve0062616P$239.00 
Watts 1.5" RPZ Backflow Preventor0062921P$521.91 
Watts 2" PVB0387122P$365.00 
Watts 2" Dbl Check Valve0062427P$297.00 
Watts 2" RPZ Backflow Preventor0063010P$561.12 
Watts 3/4" PVB0388001P$109.00 
Watts 3/4" Dbl Check Valve0062020P$130.25 
Watts 3/4" Freeze Resistant PVB0388014P$110.75 
Watts 3/4" RPZ Backflow Preventor0063030P$292.00 
Weather Proof Wire Connectors - LightingKING ARSSWN$0.95 
Weather Proof Wire Connectors - SmallKING ARSSWN$0.75 
X-Core 2 Valve Indoor ControllerX_CORE-200i$60.00 
X-Core 4 Valve Indoor ControllerX_CORE-400i$85.00 
X-Core 4 Valve Outdoor ControllerX_CORE-400$95.00 
X-Core 6 Valve Indoor ControllerX_CORE-600i$100.00 
X-Core 6 Valve Outdoor ControllerX_CORE-600$125.00 
X-Core 8 Valve Indoor ControllerX_CORE-800i$105.00 
X-Core 8 Valve Outdoor ControllerX_CORE-800$130.00 
XB-10-6 Multi-Outlet Xeri-Bug?XB-10-6$3.29 
XBT-10-6 Multi-Outlet Xeri-Bug?XBT-10-6$3.90 
Xeri-Bird? 8 Multi-Outlet Emission DeviceXBD-80$12.99 
Xeri-Bug? Emitters$0.97 
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