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Fertilizer for sprinkler system injectors Let's See What We Have Here

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These products meet or exceed requirments of the following Injector manufacturers: Bio-Green, EZ Gro, EZ Flo, Dosematic, Fertigator Hose-end sprayers and bulk mixing!

No Streaking
Because you apply it as a liquid, you control exactly where Nutriculture goes. There's no uneven growth or streaking effect on greens. All your turf grows at a uniform speed, for a better appearance and easier maintenance.

Total compatibility with other applied chemicals
Nutriculture is 100 percent pure and soluble. It dissolves instantly in water and is compatible with most fungicide and herbicide sprays. It adapts to your established spray program and can be applied at the same time as other chemicals. Because it's pure and soluble, Nutriculture will not harm application equipment or clog nozzles. All this adds up to considerable labor time and cost savings over the course of one year - enough, in some cases, to pay for itself.

Ease of application
Nutriculture is ideal for application by underground sprinkler systems, injectors, pumps, power sprayers, proportioners, irrigation systems and most other application equipment commonly used by superintendents today. It adapts to any established turf care program.

Adaptable to foliar feeding
All Nutriculture formulations can be base-fed or foliar-fed to your turf, with maximum effectiveness. Our specially chelated micronutrients are quickly, safely absorbed through both the roots and the foliage.

Low salt index
All formulations of Nutriculture contain no excess salt or chlorine to damage roots or foliage. Most formulas achieve 60% to 70% total nutrient value, which puts the ratio of salts that are there very low.

Improved resistance to disease
Even the best maintained turf is subject to attacks from insects and disease. However, Nutriculture-fed turf shows higher levels of disease-resistance and heals faster should disease or insect attack occur.
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 All Purpose Lawn & Garden Fertilizer 
 All Purpose Lawn & Garden Fertilizer 
 Phosphate Free Turf Special 
 Phosphate Free Turf Special 
 Premium Nutrition Supplement 1 Gallon 
 Premium Nutrition Supplement 1 Gallon 
 Premium Nutrition Supplement 16 oz. 
 Premium Nutrition Supplement 16 oz. 
 Premium Nutrition Supplement-32 oz. 
 Premium Nutrition Supplement-32 oz. 
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1 
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01.Phosphate Free Turf Special
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